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When I Say I Do is a boutique events studio specialising in planning, styling, and on the day services for weddings, gatherings, and celebrations. 

Established in 2018, When I Say I Do is led by Kristina Gransden, pursuer of all things creative, master planner, and self-confessed pantry-organising addict. Driven by her background and passion for design, creativity, and bringing people together, When I Say I Do aims to bring your vision of the perfect celebration into a reality.



Our goal is to create beautiful, joyous, and memorable celebrations. We aim to stay true to the authenticity of our clients, and tell their story through our style; and to transform venues into spaces that celebrate love and relationships, and help create memories that you'll always look back on.​

Authenticity sits at the very core of our work. Each element has a purpose in the narrative -thoughtfully curated as an integral part in telling your story. We focus on experience above all else and let our style visually translate the purpose. Our aesthetic is elegant simplicity, unintentionally delicate, subtle yet moving. It's not just about making a space look beautiful; rather, to create experiences that will make people want to be in that space, to have that warm and fuzzy feeling, to create memories, and to experience a narrative of what is genuine and lasting.

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