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"It all began over a coffee date between two friends. What we thought would be a light catch up became a conversation of our dreams and passions. It was the perfect recipe for a great partnership: a shared vision, complementary skills, and the passion to pursue our dreams. From this, our new baby,

When I Say I Do was born. 


It was happenstance. It was fate. For us, that was something worth pursuing; and the beginning of something really special." 

-Kirsten + Kristina


wizard of lightbulb moments


A natural planner and organiser, Kirsten is a certified Queen of Making Things Happen. Nothing makes her more giddy than making lists, scheduling, and ticking off tasks. With a degree in design and management and her extensive experience in corporate events and theatre production, Kirsten has become an expert in the art of logistics and operations. After years in the corporate world, Kirsten decided to pursue her true passion - which lies not just in creating seamless events, but to orchestrate the coming together of people and events that celebrate unique stories of individuals. 



master of storytelling

With a background in interior design and the arts, Kristina is a lover of all things creative. Growing up, she would build houses and rooms with her Lego set, use cardboard cut-outs and forage for whatever she could use to "accessorise" the rooms. As an experienced qualified interior designer, Kristina understands the idea of scale and space, and colour. However for her, be it in Interior Design or events, it's not just about making a space look pretty. Rather, to create experiences that will make people want to be in that space, to have that warm and fuzzy feeling, to create memories, and to experience a narrative of what is genuine and authentic.
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